Christopher Troutman

Digital Artist ~ Photographer ~ Animator ~ Modeler ~ Editor

Demo Reel

About Me

I'm an aspiring animator, modeler, and editor looking to make some amazing models and videos by
contributing my skill set. I'm a very hard worker, self motivated to bring about the best in myself.
Want to learn more and as much as I can to further enhance my skills!

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C is for Creativity, for my mind that comtinues to imagine the things that I like.
H is for the Heart, that is put into everything that I do.
R is for the Readiness, that I have to take on any work.
I is for Ingenuity, that lets me complete all the challenegs that come my way.
S is for Silly, that I like to bring into the world. My name is Chris and I'd like to say, Hello.